'hangers' exhibition April 4 - May 17

The exhibition ‘hangers’ which recently concluded was the first exhibition to be held at ‘a flat shop’. The show brought together 33 contributors from Adelaide, Melbourne Perth and Los Angeles. The brief given to the contributors was simple and open-ended, resulting in many surprises for the a flat shop members upon receiving the various hangers for the first time, and hopefully some enjoyable surprises for those who visited (and participated in) the exhibition.

Below is a group of photos which function as a virtual tour of sorts of the exhibition as well as the catalogue essay which accompanied the exhibition ‘A Set of Wire Shoulders: Notes on hangers’ by Thomas F. Moran. (opens pdf in new window)

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For more information on specific hangers you can refer to our instagram where we posted more in depth about each hanger in the exhibition between the opening (April 4) and closing (May 17) of the exhibition. If you have any enquires please email us at shopaflat@gmail.com, or if you’d like to hear about upcoming exhibitions in the space, join our mailing list here. Visit our shop to see some more of the hangers

See below Thomas F. Moran’s accompanying essay.

A Set of Wire Shoulders by Thomas F. Moran-2.png

pictures from our opening

A flat shop opened as a physical shop and as the venue for the group exhibition ‘hangers’ on thursday april 4, 2019, and from now on will open as a physical shop on fridays from 9am-11pm and by appointment, and as the venue for the group exhibition ‘hangers’ during these hours until may 17. Here are some pictures we took at the opening. Develop and scan by nathan and john @u___lab.

Our physical space is now open with 'hangers'

our physical space is now open at level 2, 25 gresham street, adelaide, every friday 11-9pm, or by appointment.

our first exhibition at a flat shop is called ‘hangers’; an exhibition about, responding to, and of clothes hangers.

The exhibition runs for six weeks ending on Friday May 17.

‘hangers’ includes work by:

Actually Existing
Alexandra Sideris
Angela Carrig
Bridget Currie
Calum Hurley
Clare Matthews
Christopher Arblaster
Connie Augoustinos
Debbie Pryor
Eleanor Amor
Filter Store
Florie Martin
Franklin Holfeld
Grace Marlow
Henry Jock Walker
Iko Iko
Jason Van Hamburg
Jennifer Mathews
Jordan Gower
Julia McInerney
Kobe Donaldson
Lachy Lang
Lilly Buttrose
Matt Huppatz
Nathan Peacock
Phil Tur
Pony Horseman
Simon Blight
Sophie M Green
Tamara Baillie
Tania Saxon
Tara Rowhani-Farid
and Timothy Tuppence

Pictures from our website launch

We held a small and semi impromptu event at the flat to accompany the launch of our webshop on december 20 last year (2018). We thought it would be nice to take a picture of everyone who visited that night (that was happy to be photographed), and also to take a picture of everyone who visits in the future. This first attempt went fairly well, except that the camera we used to take the pictures (a fuji tw-3 for anyone interested) has a minor film advance issue and a few people got overlapped or lost entirely as a result. Here are the pictures of visitors that our slightly defective camera decided to grace us with:

joe making himself at home in the flat

a friend of the flat is joe cescato. here joe is watering some monstera plants (which apparently are sometimes referred to as ‘swiss cheese plants’, though this is not what we refer to them as) which sit atop a cupboard in our kitchen at the flat.

we often comment it is a strange thing to have an open plan kitchen in a shop - and often these comments led us to converse about the fact that the shop is almost more like a flat. this series of photos highlight the fact that the shop can (and has and will continue to be in some ways) inhabited in the same way some people may inhabit their homes or flats.

the photo below, and some in the gallery below were originally used as a landing page which allowed interested people to join a mailing list. photographs are by christopher arblaster and the model is joe cescato who, in this first image is wearing a jacket by lachy lang and the bottom half of a ‘two-piece set’ by christopher arblaster

20181127_Website launch shoot [Joe at studio]_DSC04578.jpg

1 - joe is wearing the bottom half of a two-piece set by christopher arblaster and a vestment front shirt by lachy lang

2 - joe is wearing a draped tube by angela carrig

3,4- joe is wearing a draped tube by angela carrig and flapack by nathan peacock

5,7,8 - joe is wearing pants by comme des garçons and clothes for the home double jacket/curtain.

9, 10 - joe is wearing a shirt by man-tle and clothes for the home curtain pants

11, 12 - joe is wearing hallelujah hoodie and extra long jumper scarf by lachy lang

14,15 - joe is wearing a draped tube by angela carrig and flapack by nathan peacock

photos by christopher arblaster.