December 20, 2018

a friend of the flat is joe cescato. here joe is watering some monstera plants (which apparently are sometimes referred to as ‘swiss cheese plants, though this is not what we refer to them as) which sit atop a cupboard in our kitchen at the flat.

we often comment it is a strange thing to have an open plan kitchen in a shop - and often these comments led us to converse about the fact that the shop is almost more like a flat. this series of photos highlight the fact that the shop can (and has and will continue to be in some ways) inhabited in the same way some people may inhabit their homes or flats.

the photo below, and some in the gallery below were originally used as a landing page which allowed interested people to join a mailing list. photographs are by christopher arblaster and the model is Joe cescato who, in this first image is wearing a jacket by lachy lang and the bottom half of a ‘two-piece set’ by christopher arblaster

20181127_Website launch shoot [Joe at studio]_DSC04578.jpg