'hangers' exhibition April 4 - May 17

The exhibition ‘hangers’ which recently concluded was the first exhibition to be held at ‘a flat shop’. The show brought together 33 contributors from Adelaide, Melbourne Perth and Los Angeles. The brief given to the contributors was simple and open-ended, resulting in many surprises for the a flat shop members upon receiving the various hangers for the first time, and hopefully some enjoyable surprises for those who visited (and participated in) the exhibition.

Below is a group of photos which function as a virtual tour of sorts of the exhibition as well as the catalogue essay which accompanied the exhibition ‘A Set of Wire Shoulders: Notes on hangers’ by Thomas F. Moran. (opens pdf in new window)

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For more information on specific hangers you can refer to our instagram where we posted more in depth about each hanger in the exhibition between the opening (April 4) and closing (May 17) of the exhibition. If you have any enquires please email us at shopaflat@gmail.com, or if you’d like to hear about upcoming exhibitions in the space, join our mailing list here. Visit our shop to see some more of the hangers

See below Thomas F. Moran’s accompanying essay.

A Set of Wire Shoulders by Thomas F. Moran-2.png